Since the state was founded in 1965 Singapore's population has grown from approximately 1.6 million to about 5.7 million. The limited space and dependence on resources outside the city-state have led Singapore to pursue an ambitious vision with regard to the future development of the entire city-state. The aim is to become the smartest nation in the world by 2030 – in all respects.

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Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC)

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Sustainability Opportunities for Companies in Singapore by Singaporean German Chamber

Climate change and environmental protection are high on the agenda both in Germany and Singapore. The Singapore Green Plan 2030 underscores the determination of the Singaporean government to tackle these challenges. In this report, the Singaporean German Chamber highlights the opportunities available to German businesses that bring cutting-edge technologies in the areas of Recycling, Energy Efficiency, Water and Wastewater Management, Smart, and E-Mobility. More

Singapore’s Land Transport Master Plan 2040 aims for new transport network

Singapore’s Land Transport Master Plan 2040 aims for a convenient, fast, and well-connected transport network that can get residents around the city in 45 minutes or less. In its LTMP 2040, the Land Transport Authority charts out a long-term goal for an integrated approach to transport planning. The LTMP 2040 aims for an inclusive transport ecosystem and a healthier, cleaner, greener transport environment.


Singapore buildings to meet higher standards under revised green certification scheme

An internationally recognised green building certification scheme designed for the tropical climate, the BCA Green Mark 2021 was pilot launched in April 2021 as part of the Singapore Green Building Masterplan and is set to take effect from 1 November 2021.



Funding increase for green living environment in Singapore

The Ministry of National Development allocates $45 million to spur innovations such as energy-efficient cooling technologies in buildings which can then be showcased to encourage companies to adopt innovative solutions. The Ministry of National Development (MND) will also invest $64 million in research and development under the Cities of Tomorrow programme, which addresses challenges towards an inclusive and green living environment.


Singapore Green Plan 2030

The development of Singapore’s mobility sector goes hand in hand with climate change mitigation measures. 

Singapore Green Energy Plan 2030 envisions 7 EV-Ready Towns with chargers at all HDB carparks to be implemented by 2025. Among the key targets of the Plan are 60,000 charging points nationwide by 2030, including 40,000 in public carparks and 20,000 in private premises.  


Vaccinated Travel Lane for Travellers from Singapore to Germany

Singapore has announced the establishment of a ‘Vaccinated Travel Lane‘ (VTL) for travellers from Singapore to Germany with effect from 1 September 2021.



Urban Energy & Mobility Network Webinar #4 Singapore – March 10

“Singapore’s ambitious Green Plan 2030 and your opportunities” 

Discover how your business may benefit while mitigating climate change. High-profile industry speakers will provide you with current trends and developments in smart infrastructure, e-mobility, solar power and proptech. In cooperation with the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC). 


German-Singaporean E-Mobility Forum 2021

Join the Singapore-German E-Mobility Forum 2021 online on October 29 from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm CET. Hear first-hand the government’s position on Singapore’s e-mobility action plan from Singapore’s Minister for Transport, S. Iswaran. He will be joined by exciting speakers to discuss Singapore-Germany collaboration on automotive technologies, Singapore’s strategy in transitioning to e-vehicles, and more.


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