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New York City has one of the largest infrastructure systems in the world, including public trans­portation, water, waste management and telecommunications. By investing in green programs and projects, the metropolis aims to become a model for sustainable urban development. At the same time, New York is one of the fastest growing tech communities outside of Silicon Valley and home to a variety of startups across a wide range of industries.

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New York City plans to install over 80 city-operated charging plugs for electric vehicles by 2025

The NYC Department of Transportation has published a vision plan for Electric Vehicles and the inner-city charging network. This plan includes several goals for leading a transition to electric vehicles in the city and reaching the aim of carbon neutrality by 2050. Apart from a charging network this includes advocating for funding and increased public awareness. More


The once rivals will team up: Uber and taxi companies are cooperating in New York

Uber will team up with two taxi companies, Curb and CMT, to allow New Yorkers to order a yellow taxi on the Uber app. The fare will be based on Uber’s pricing and policies, including surge pricing, which can significantly increase the cost at peak times. Uber has discovered that partnering with taxi companies instead of fighting them can turbocharge its business. The company wants every taxi in the world on its platform by 2025.



VW’s Electrify America unveils new ‘human-centered’ EV charging stations

These charging stations will be installed in several cities in California and New York, complete with solar panel awnings and a lounge-like waiting area. Recharging times for electric vehicles can vary depending on the vehicle type and power source. Electrify America says the goal is to create “a more inviting transition to an electric vehicle lifestyle from traditional gas station.”


New York city bans natural gas in new buildings

This ban will force residents to use electricity for heat and cooking. City Council Speaker Corey Johnson explains the vote: “The bill […] will (help) us to transition to a greener future and (reach) carbon neutrality by the year 2050”. The plan is to cut carbon emissions in the long-term by stopping to use fossil fuels to generate power.


New York City announces $75 million in new investments for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure

The NYC Mayor’s Office announced a $75 million investment in electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging infrastructure to support the City of New York’s vehicle fleet. The funding will help make the nation’s greenest municipal vehicle fleet even greener by installing 275 electric vehicle charging stations, replacing 300 gas-powered city fleet vehicles, and retrofit diesel-powered trucks to run on electric.



Urban Innovation is going to New York!

📣 The application for our #cleantech mission to #NewYork is now open ! 🔥

🚨 The application deadline is June 30 !

👉Apply here for our #cleantech mission 2022 and get the chance to learn about the New York City ecosystem, make new contacts and expand into the local market.

This mission is organized by Urban Innovation, a program by Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network, in collaboration with Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and the Berlin Business Office, USA.


Urban Energy & Mobility Network Webinar #2 New York – February 23

“Berlin and New York: Economic opportunities in the mobility sector”. New York is entering a new era of mobility. With changing transportation habits and the pressure of cutting emissions, New York City is transforming its mobility patterns. Key speakers will highlight current challenges of the mobility sector and offer best-practice examples of innovative mobility solutions. In cooperation with our partner Berlin Business Office, USA.


CES Las Vegas 2022 on January 5-8

CES is the most influential tech event in the world and the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. This is where the world’s biggest brands do business and meet new partners, and the sharpest innovators hit the stage. After an online event, this year’s event will be held in Las Vegas. Online participation is also possible.

Urban Energy & Mobility Network Webinar #2 New York – December 1

“New York’s cleantech and mobility sector on the rise” – In collaboration with the Berlin Business Office, USA, we are starting a conversation about New York on December 1. Learn more about New York’s ambitious plans to become a greener city and join us for an opportunity to engage directly with the city’s stakeholders and experts.


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