The city of London wants to significantly reduce CO2 emissions by 2030 and plans to phase out sales of gasoline and diesel vehicles in favor of electric cars by 2030. Therefore, the city of London is showing progress in expanding the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. In addition, the London mayor reiterated the city's ambitious plans to install one gigawatt of solar capacity by 2030 and expand capacity to two gigawatts by 2050.

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London going green: A sustainability guide for businesses by London & Partners

Sustainability has been at the top of the agenda ever since London’s mayor announced his Green New Deal, which includes ambitious targets for the city to become net zero carbon, zero pollution by 2030 and zero waste by 2050. Learn what London is doing to go green, from good practices and opportunities for businesses to becoming more sustainable in areas such as buildings, transport, waste and digital infrastructure. More

London maintains its crown as one of the world’s top startup hubs

London is the leading destination to grow a technology business outside of Silicon Valley, according to a comprehensive ranking of international startup hubs compiled by Startup Genome for its annual Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2021.



Londoners urged to avoid ‘unnecessary car journeys’ after high pollution alert

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has issued a high pollution alert for the U.K. capital. “I’m urging Londoners to look after each other by choosing to walk, cycle or take public transport, avoiding unnecessary car journeys […|” Khan said. Earlier this month, it was announced that Khan had asked Transport for London to consult on making the city’s Ultra Low Emission Zone London-wide from 2023.


ServCity project aims at deploying the latest autonomous vehicle technologies

ServCity is the UK’s newest autonomous mobility service research project, which helps cities with harnessing the latest autonomous vehicle technologies and their successful incorporation into a complex urban environment. Focusing on technology, people and scalability, ServCity aims to ensure the user experience is as intuitive, inclusive and “engaging” as possible.


More than 350,000km have been travelled in London with TIER since June

A new analysis from the micro-mobility provider TIER has revealed that the e-scooters are being used frequently within our partner city London. Other data shows that popular time for e-scooter rides are at 6pm, with an average journey time of less than 20 minutes. TIER management is happy that their products are “being recognised as a convenient, quick way to travel”

Tesla added to Uber London plan

The mobility as a service provider Uber has added Tesla as an option to buy or lease the electric vehicles for Uber drivers in London. Currently, over 4,000 electric vehicles are already being used by Uber drivers in London, making the city a front-runner in the transition to sustainable mobility.



Energy Efficient Installations and Green Deal Event in London on January 18

Happy Energy Solutions Ltd, Constructing South London and South Thames College Group are hosting a free business event. The event is targeted to support construction businesses working in the fields of energy efficiency installations. In order to meet the Governments 2030 Climate Challenge there is a need fore more certified businesses and qualified individuals.


Urban Energy & Mobility Network Webinar #1 London – November 24

“What London’s cleantech and mobility sector can offer you” – Let’s start talking about London! Key speakers will highlight the cleantech and mobility sector and share valuable stories from the industry. Sign up now for discussions with experts from the field on the 24th of November to our webinar in collaboration with London & Partners. 


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